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31st July - 11th August, 2018
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An honest conversation about choice

When I found out I was pregnant. I’ve never had so much clarity of thought in my life. It was as if this usual grey, fog that whirled around my brain when asked to make decisions about frankly banal and normal things- just suddenly evaporated. It was amazing really. This psychosomatic reaction. I knew and felt that I wanted it... gone.


Putting on trial women and their wombs. Ova discusses female choice and what happens when that choice is threatened. Exposing how important it is to let the world know that it’s OK not to be sorry. That’s it’s OK to feel relieved. And that this decision will not haunt you. Ova combines stunning physical theatre with an honest conversation on choice.

Cast & Creative

Katharine Hardman
Elle McAlpine

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Following Ova’s debut at Metamorph’s Scratch Night at the Arcola Theatre in 2018, Ova is being developed into a full length play. So watch this space…

Ova - An honest conversation about choice


Eigengrau / [ay-gen-gr-ow ] - noun. intrinsic light; the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness.

Rose believes in true love and leprechauns. Her flatmate Cassie is engaged in a fervent struggle against patriarchal oppression. Across London, Mark believes in the power of marketing. His flatmate Tim Muffin believes in nothing at all.

In a city where Gumtree can feel like your closest friend, looking for the right person can lead you all the wrong places.

Penelope Skinner's Eigengrau premiered at the Bush Theatre, London, in March 2010. In New Light Productions’ 2018 revival, Penelope Skinner’s seminal play is more relevant than ever before.

Running Time: TBC

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Greenwich Theatre
31st July - 11th August

Cast & Creative

Aoife Smyth

Katharine Hardman
Joseph McCarthy
Robyn Wilson
Sam Wilson

Lost In London

Hopeless. Alone.

Terrified. Will that suffice?

London is a hub of creativity, but as an emerging writer it’s easy to feel like a lost voice crushed in a sea of many.

It’s time to give the spotlight to the newest writers in London’s theatre scene. Lost in London is a new writing night created to give a platform for emerging, creative voices.

Running alongside their production of Penelope Skinner’s Eigengrau, New Light Productions presents Lost In London’. This night will be for emerging female playwrights, premiering their original content.

All female playwrights, all new and all ready for their first audiences.

Dates & Tickets

Greenwich Theatre
6th August 2018

New Light Productions / Lost In London - Writers Wanted / by Jessie Knowles
Artwork by Jessie Knowles
New Light Productions / Lost In London - Writers Wanted / by Sam Wilson
Artwork by Sam Wilson


New Light Productions are an emerging theatre company formed by graduates of Drama Centre London. Inspired by our work together whilst training, the company formed to produce theatre that shines a new light on the everyday.

We are interested in making the everyday, extraordinary.

We aim to champion new graduates from drama schools and universities across the UK.